Cato Cato is a 3 Time World Team competitor, in the years of 2007, 2008, 2009 along with being an FCI competitor during the year of 2007. He is titled multiple SchH3, IPO3, with a highly pronounced temperament, first select breed class, 5V1/P, rated Velmi Dobry, with A hips/clear elbows.

Cato is currently 6 years of age and is in perfect health/working condition. He is a male with a high taste for the work in all three phases. His protection work is enjoyable to witness as he is an extremely hard hitting male with a crushing grip, and loves to launch from several feet away into the helper with extreme force.

He has highly developed prey/defense drives and has absolutely excellent nerves. I have a full appreciation for Cato's old style working temperament, and he represents very well what the original working German Shepherd dog should be both in working ability as well as in character type.

Cato's sire and dam were both influential working and producing German Shepherd Dogs. Cato's dam, Darka Va-Pe, was out of the famous D. Va pe litter which produced a number of tremendous producing females and males. Darka Va Pe was heavily utilized in Europe due to her ability to impart excellent nerves, working drives, and solid structural integrity.


Cato's damline carries the wonderful cross of Nick vom Heiligenbosch over Yoschy von der Dollenwiese. His dam was linebred on the T. von der bosen Nachbarschaft litter on Timmy and Troll. This linebreeding continues, on his damline, through their famous sire and dam Fero /Askia.

Cato's sire, Hard od Policia, was bred by the Internationally renowned military breeding station Policia. His sire goes back on the famous Border Patrol producing stud male Titus z Pohranicni Straze through DDR greats Bero vom Friedesdorfer Fleur and Held vom Ritterberg. He also goes back on Arko Honest, who was renowned throughout Europe for imparting excellent hardness into his progeny.

3X WUSV Competitor 2007, 2008, 2009 FCI Competitor in 2007 Multiple Sch 3, Multiple IPO3, Cacit Temperament Pronounced 1st select breed class, 5V1/P rated Velmi Dobry A stamped excellent hips/ clearelbows